Technology News

1. A new watch is capable of measuring people’s blood oxygen levels as well as the heart rate, and instantly sends the data to doctors. Oxitone is the name of the Israel-based business company that has created this device, which can save the lives of many sick people.

tech-medical-newsPulse oximeters are extremely useful in determining if the oxygen comes in the right amount and if the heart beat has regular values. These values are measured in hospitals and emergency situations with the help of several medical devices, wires and stands. But now this can be done a lot easier with the help of this watch.

The device can be worn during all sorts of activities, and is capable of informing and alerting the owner when something unusual is happening. This way the person that has such a medical problem can immediately see a doctor and get the necessary help.

2. In Taiwan, the scientists have created a prototype for teeth embedded sensors that understand oral activity like eating, drinking, smoking and brushing the teeth. The data is then sent to the dentist in order to inform him on the owner habits.

The device was created by a group of scientists from Taiwan University and it consists of a small chip with an accelerometer and a Bluetooth connection. The sensor detects the movements and recognizes the type of activity that is going on. The accuracy of the device is around 94%.

3. A new device, the size of a pen, cleans the blood of potentially deadly viruses. The device was created in an effort to help people clean their blood outside the hospital. The Hemopurfier was developed by Aethlon Medical and it does pretty much the same as the medical device used by people with kidney failure, which regularly need to eliminate excess water and waste in the blood. The Hemopurifier is different from dialyze devices as it pumps antibodies in the blood. These antibodies can then attach to the viruses present in the blood, thus cleaning the blood of the patient. The device will prove to be helpful for the existing patients, but also in cases when the treatment is needed in the event of a bio terrorist attack.

4. Who does not want to get rid of stress? PIP is a new device that was created so that it detects stress when held in the hand and, at the very same time, helps the owner understand what to do in order to get rid of it. The device can measure moisture and heat that, when present at high levels, indicate stress and discomfort. This small machine can then send the collected data to a smartphone.

5. With the help of Match, autistic persons can be taught to cook. This is a color coded system that can guide the autistic person through preparing food. The system was created at Syracuse University and is made out of cooking tools which are colored in a certain way, so that the entire cooking process is more organized.

It is well known that kitchen is a place that can confuse the autistic persons a lot, but with the help of the colorful tools, things can become a lot easier for them. The kit is made of four colors and shape coded pots, so that the autistic person can help to separate different ingredients and also measure them in order to prepare the desired food recipe.

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