Positive News September 2013

1. Hello Compost has launched a wise project meant to encourage people composing: low income families bring organic waste and receive credits in exchange. A similar project has been successfully developed in Mexico City and is in progress in New York City. With the received credits, the low income families can buy fresh products.

positive newsPeople in many parts of the globe have been taught to separate the recyclable matters, and it seemed that composting the organic rubbish would be useful for all of us. Hello Compost came with a brilliant idea that proved to be useful: to offer rewards to those that get involved in the program. The families that want to get involved receive odor blocking bags to put in their kitchen; they can used to store the organic waste. When a bag gets filled, it is collected and weighed by a nonprofit organization, which calculates the credits the families will receive as an incentive.

2. The Magical Book Reader is a new device that can make going to bed a lot more pleasant, especially for younger kids. It is a device which gets attached to the kid’s book and it can play recordings made by the kid’s loved ones. There is also a camera that points at the page read by the kid, so that the recording that is played will properly fit the story. In other words, the device easily recognizes the page the kid is reading. The device is of great help for parents that are away from home, which can this way interact with their kids.

3. A throw able 360 degree camera may prove to be of great help in rescue operations. When thrown in the air, the camera can get useful pictures that the eyes cannot catch and can be very helpful to its owners. The camera is similar in size with a tennis ball and has four cameras which take pictures that can build a panoramic view of the entire area.

The images are then sent to a monitor using a wireless connection. The device is considered to be of great help especially in emergency situations, in military reconnaissance, mapping or even movie making.

4. What does the majority of people do with half eaten or half used fruits or vegetables? In many cases those are thrown away… but this is no longer the only solution. The rubber caps have proved to be useful in keeping the food fresh for long periods of time. The rubber caps are created so that home cooks preserve the fruits and vegetables that did not end up in the food they have been cooking. With their help, the fruit or vegetable flesh is covered and spoiling does not occur so rapidly. The rubber covers are created in many colors and shapes, so that they fit almost all fruits and vegetables.

5. All the kids are afraid of going to the hospital, the same way many adults do. Alberta Children’s Hospital has bought a talking robot that can distract kids during the uncomfortable medical procedures. MEDI is the name of the robot that can really make life of the kids in hospital a lot easier.

6. Have you ever been chasing a vacant parking spot? South Koreans have come up with the idea of alerting the drivers when free parking lots are available. The method is a real interesting and less expensive one: a balloon system is used in order to signal drivers. When a car occupies the parking lot, the string of the balloon is pulled under the vehicle and when the car leaves the parking lot, the balloon is once again up in the air, easy to be seen by other drivers looking for a free spot.

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