Bingham Memorial Hospital News

1. A series of gastric banding seminars are going to be organized on the 1st and 3rd day of the month by at Bingham Memorial Hospital. The seminars will be held during evenings, from six till seven p.m. in an attempt to help people have a better understanding of the obesity related issues.

During the past years, obesity was considered a sign of weakness, and people were blamed for having this condition. People were asked to keep a strict diet and do physical exercises. And back in the past, the weight loss surgery was not considered a good option.

Today obesity is considered to be a disease and, at the same time, a factor that determines many other secondary medical conditions. Weight loss surgeries are nowadays considered valuable methods of treating the obese persons.

Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial Hospital, is interested in changing people’s mentality, considering the fact that obese people can be safely treated using minimal invasive surgical operations that in the end, help people eat less quantities of food.

This new type of surgery is called laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. The seminars are free, but people need to register in order to participate. The Bariatric Team will be attending the seminars as well, in order to answer all possible questions.

2. Bingham Memorial Hospital has announced the results of an independent study which tried to determine the economic impact of the hospital in the geographical are around it.

The study was conducted by representatives from Boot Strap Solutions and the University of Nevada and the results have proved that the economic impact on the region was close to 600 million dollars during the last 12 years. Louis Kraml, the CEO of the hospital, has stated that he is very proud of the results acquired and of the fact that residents in the area of east Idaho were the first who benefitted from the positive economic impact that the hospital has been having in the region.

According to the study, the hospital provided over 1700 jobs, close to 65 million dollars in labor income, having a total economic impact of about 90 million dollars. Bingham Memorial Hospital is the fifth largest employer in Bingham County; it has hired more than 600 doctors in 2011. And the good news doesn’t end here: all the revenue generated by the hospital is invested in the hospital, allowing the local community to benefit for high quality medical services.

3. Bingham Memorial Hospital was awarded the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant, and the funds will be used in order to create a national model for improving patient outcomes.

The hospital was the only one in the region that has received this prize, and this is a strong indicator of the high quality of medical services that patients can benefit from. Louis Kraml, CEO of BMH, has declared that this way the hospital can thus build an easy to follow model that has the potential to help all the rural hospitals.

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