How Good Quality Wi-Fi Helps Small Business Owners

Often times, small business owners think that a regular Wi-Fi setup, similar with what they’ve gotten at home, is more than enough for their business’ needs. That’s why it’s called “small” business after all, isn’t it?

Nothing could be further from the truth, though. As a business owner, you are at a much greater risk in comparison with a home user, and if your business-related data is compromised, you could even lose your business, in case that your customers’ data falls into wrong hands. Let us explore the key things that any business owner needs in order to have access to secure, fast Internet access.

1) A strong Internet connection. This is quite obvious, right? Still, many business owners prefer to save a few dollars a month and end up having a poor internet connection, which lets them down just when they were supposed to send that important report!

Don’t make the same mistake; invest in a high quality internet connection that won’t let you down. If you also have a smartphone, switch to a plan that includes some mobile data as well, and then tether the mobile Internet connection whenever your broadband is down. Hopefully, this won’t happen too often.

2) A good router. It’s amazing how many of the modern routers have such great features, while costing about 200 dollars! In fact, you could pick up a decent router for less than 100 bucks! Here’s a list with some of the best routers of the moment; many of them will work fine for small businesses as well:


Here are the needed router features for a small business:

– IPv6 support. Few home owners need this features, but it is crucial for businesses – even for small business owners! IPv6 allows better packet processing and routing, thus increasing the data network transfer speeds.

– DMZ port. A router that includes the DMZ port feature is able to create a subnetwork, keeping the business owners’ computers insulated from the main network, and thus stopping at least some of the hackers’ attacks.

– Virtual networks. A good router will be able to create different networks for each business department, restricting the network traffic accordingly.

– Content filtering is a great addition for any business owner who is worried that his/her employees may be spending time on Facebook, rather than doing work. With content filtering, you can easily restrict access to certain websites.

– Virtual private networks. A VPN allows the employees to have access to the company data and tools from anywhere in the world, without compromising its security.

3) A decent SMA antenna. Without it, even the best routers are useless. Make sure to use repeaters as well, in case that they are needed. You don’t want to lose the advantage of having a great Internet connection because the wireless signal can’t pass through the walls in your office.

It is true that small business owners have to be very careful with their money, but having a strong Wi-Fi signal and a secure network is mandatory for them. Invest in a good internet connection, a good router and a good antenna and you will have a good wireless network that will work fine for many years.

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